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Soul Sister !
A conscious woman is one that is awake! She believes in her self, has clear boundaries and trusts her intuition. She has courage because she has faced her wounds and walked the hot coals. She is the woman who consciously chooses to evolve and is not frightened to look into the fires of her soul. The conscious woman lives in her heart. She is feminine. She is strong. She is sensual. She is spiritual. She is compassionate, creative & kind. A woman that is awake recognises her potential and will align her relationships and connections with her divine self. She will be pulled closer toward her center as she grows and flowers into her truth, her essence. I am passionate about helping women toward their potential and helping women gain a sense of empowerment and wellbeing.

This is an area that I developed a passion for after many years of working with women who have suffered through Domestic Violence, low self esteem and have not ever felt free enough to explore their own feminine essence and what it truly means to be female. My workshops and retreats are designed to bring out the beauty and strength that can sometimes become buried in layers of self doubt and lack of self care. Too often I hear stories of women giving too much to others and not enough to themselves. My workshops are spiritual, creative & nurturing. I look forward to meeting you at one of them :)

MindfullyWell Conscious Women retreats/ workshops and circles help you develop the skills to reach deeper into your own sense of self, sensuality and truth. To find out about the dates and cost of the retreats tune in to the events page of the website. Ciao Bella xx

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