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I am a Psychologist, Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and believe that we all have the right to achieve a contented, authentic life.  I have a strong background in  Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga with a love for Eastern Philosophy. My work is influenced by a deep belief that we are the masters of our own destiny and that our possibilities are infinite. I believe in creating quality of life, encouraging flow, awareness and positive change. 

I have worked across many settings and areas of Mental Health including and not limited to; Trauma, Suicide Prevention, Adolescent Self Harm, Domestic Violence, Depression, Stress Management & Anxiety Disorders. I have a holistic approach toward therapy. My work is of a high standard, ethical, professional and based on evidence based practice.

A Little Bit About my Journey to Date

I completed my Psychology Degrees and achieved several Academic Awards through Griffith University, Brisbane. I have attended many workshops, seminars and retreats and have studied under some very influential Spiritual, Yoga & Meditation Teachers internationally and within Australia. I have explored my own spiritual layers (continue to do so) and have felt and witnessed others transform themselves through their personal practice.

I have written and facilitated several Mindfulness Programs, Self Esteem & Emotional Health Workshops. I attempt to live what I preach and feel grounded regarding the reality of life. I am aware of the challenges life can throw at us and aim to create a warm, welcoming and comfortable vibe to help my clients feel at ease. I believe in the saying "we are all imperfectly perfect and unique in our own way". I value empathy, equality & unconditional positive regard. I value integrity, openness and peace. 

The Yin Yang of it all

I chose the Chinese Yin (Female) Yang (Male)  as a logo and a reminder that we are all interconnected. The notion of interchangeability of opposites and duality exists all around us and even within us. The Yin Yang is an interplay of two opposites that cannot exist without each other. We cannot have the night without day, hot without cold, positive without negative, sun without the moon, life without death, movement without stillness. It is a useful reminder that there is always a a beginning and an end and with and ending a new beginning. The concept of Yin Yang is also useful when we explore our emotions for there is always a little bit of dark when we are feeling light and positive, and always a bit of light when we are feeling dark and negative. It is about tuning in to your emotional state and reminding yourself of that duality that is often fluid and ever changing...moment by moment.

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. Carl Jung

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